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White Paper: Combining Process Mining and System Simulation

We are excited to introduce our latest white paper, “Combining Process Mining and System Simulation”, authored by Dr. Pentti Nakari, a co-founder of Synesa Solutions.

Upgrade from reactive process analytics to proactive new-generation process optimization with Synesa Solutions eDromos®

The white paper highlights eDromos® solution’s unique process optimization capabilities through the combination of process mining and stochastic discrete-event system simulation. The advanced process mining capabilities of eDromos® allow organizations to analyze their current processes and identify areas for improvement. System simulation, on the other hand, allows the user to create a digital twin of an operational process. This can be used to test potential process changes and identify any issues that may arise before implementing them in the real world. In addition, simulation can be used to test the effects of unexpected events and to experiment with different solutions to them.

By leveraging eDromos® process mining, system simulation, and auxiliary capabilities such as automated Time-Series Forecasting, Pre/Post and Evolution Analysis, and more, organizations can make data-driven decisions. This allows the user to achieve improved efficiency, increased productivity, higher profits, and true process wisdom.

The white paper provides a comprehensive overview of the innovative and unique eDromos® approach to process analytics. We encourage you to read the white paper and discover the benefits of proactive process optimization.

Download PDF: Combining Process Mining and System Simulation (8.6 MB)