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What is eDromos and how it can help you to optimize your business processes

eDromos in a nutshell

eDromos is a unique process optimization product that combines exploratory data analysis, process modeling and mining, detailed process analysis, stochastic discrete event simulation, predictive analytics, and in the near future, dashboards into one streamlined and easy-to-use workflow. It is suitable for health care, banking and finance, manufacturing, and customer service fields producing large amounts of process data. You can choose to use eDromos as a SaaS service in the cloud or locally on your own computers.

Process analytics and simulation

Process data is one of the most common and valuable data types of the modern world. Service and manufacturing industries such as banks and finance sector, hospitals and other health care organizations, data centers, web stores, maintenance services, manufacturing industries, postal and transportation, education, rescue and law enforcement, even the defense sector, all produce large amounts of process data. Unlike typical row-based data, process data is comprised of a large number of cases, such as customers, patients, or tasks, each containing a varying number of events. Each event contains further information such as activities, timestamps, and an arbitrary number of attributes of different types ranging from categorical factor data to numeric variables. Process data contains valuable information about your process. Extracting that information requires specialized process mining methods, simple spreadsheet or database analysis is not enough. Advanced process mining methods allow you to extract all the information you need so that you can understand how your processes work and perform, find out what causes bottlenecks, what causes unnecessary costs, and where your income actually comes from. In addition to financial benefits, process mining can give you valuable insight into various other sectors by revealing anomalies and providing you an entirely new insight into your operations.

Process mining with eDromos

With eDromos you can mine, analyze and simulate your processes efficiently. Start your analysis by importing data from one or more sources. Filter, clean, recode and transform data coming from different sources to one uniform data source. You can easily add more data, save and load your data configurations. After defining your data sources, you can explore and visualize the main characteristics of your data before moving to actual process mining phase.

eDromos process mining approach is based on the process model you define — unlike in many other process mining products. Input the phases and events you’re interested in, skip noise from irrelevant events, add time constraints freely between any phases in the process model, attribute value requirements and more to extract precisely the process flow you want to examine. eDromos visualizes the results in a fully interactive graph presentation with nodes and arcs that you can explore to reveal processing and transit times, attribute values and distributions, and everything else available in your data.

Understanding your processes is not enough — how they perform means everything and separates you from your competitors.

Not just the same old process mining, eDromos is something unique

The bigger a process is, the more difficult it is to understand how it actually performs. Advanced process mining analytics give you insight into your process, but don’t improve it yet. When your processes don’t perform at their maximum, your organization loses money and opportunities that are available by simply fine-tuning your operations. This is where eDromos stands out from the crowd.

Once you’ve gained insight into your processes and detected bottlenecks that limit your organization’s performance, it’s time to develop them with the powerful simulation functionality that only eDromos has. Stochastic discrete event system simulation is a powerful method to evaluate how changes affect your process before you actually change your process. However, one of the most costly phases of a simulation project is the time, money and effort needed to build a simulation model before it can be used as a basis for running different kinds of simulation scenarios. Also here eDromos offers you unique tools.

Automatic simulation model creation makes eDromos unique. Instead of costly and slow manual simulation model building, eDromos automatically creates a stochastic discrete event systems simulation model based on your process mining result. This allows you to start experimenting with different simulation scenarios, including different customer arrival rates and service time distributions, immediately. After you have exposed problems and opportunities for improvement in your process by process mining, simulation allows you to test different scenarios and changes to your process without interruptions to your daily operations. Find out how your process behaves in different situations and configurations, how much expenses and profits you can expect, or what happens when something unanticipated happens. All the results are available as easily interpretable visualizations that allow you to see how customers or other units of interest flow through your process, interact with activities serving them, use resources from resource pools, wait in queues, and more.

And that’s not all…

eDromos is not your old-fashioned process miner, but a constantly growing efficient service for data scientists and management. In addition to exploratory data analytics, process mining and simulation, evolution and pre/post analytics and various other methods, you can also create predictions of customer, patient, order, sales etc. numbers in the future. Machine learning methods will soon find similarities and differences between different event and customer groups. Upcoming dashboard view combines all the relevant information and allow you to monitor your processes. In the highly competitive world, you can’t afford to run poorly performing processes. When you truly want to shine, you may benefit from custom-made solutions. Contact Synesa Solutions if you want to discuss about bespoke features tailored just for your organizations specialized needs.

Download eDromos PDF brochure and read more about eDromos and Synesa Solutions