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We offer both software and consulting services depending on our client’s needs.

You can easily use our software solution as a cloud SaaS service, whether you are an independent user or are looking for a solution that would fit the needs of your entire organization. In turn, you can obtain consulting services either directly from us or utilize the expertise of our partners. All our partners are certified users of our solution.

Independent users 

You can utilize our service as an independent user if you are a consultant, researcher, analyst, or a development expert in a small or medium-sized enterprise or within a larger organization. During the free of charge Free Trial period you get a great understanding of the potential and possibilities of eDromos® in business modeling and development.

Business solutions 

Our business solution has been developed to serve medium sized and large companies and organizations in knowledge intensive industries such as public administration, social services and health care, banking and financial sector, service sector, and industry. Here, the solution can be integrated into existing information resources to create process management overviews to be used by the whole organization.

We also offer businesses the opportunity for practical testing before implementing a continuous service. You can choose the fast PoC, which helps to gain an understanding of the solution and you can verify the usability of your data with our service. You can also test the software on your own computer. Alternatively, we can execute a practical pilot of a selected process or service that produces a production-scale process and simulation model and a plan from the required snapshot view, to be directly transferred into a continuous service. With the continuous service, you can develop the model further and develop process and simulation models with their dashboards for all the desired services and processes.


  • Verification of the selected service entity and / or process with customer data
  • Data sources and data set construction
  • Data and process analysis
  • Report


  • Evaluation of the selected service / process entity
  • Review and documentation of the target model
  • Data sources and data set construction
  • Data and process analysis
  • Simulation
  • Continuous monitoring model


Continuous service
  • Analyzing, simulating, and continuously monitoring new services and processes
  • Benefit analysis and evaluation
  • Continuous development of operations and services

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