Dromos is greek and translates to a road or a path. eDromos clarifies the paths tracking through the jungle of process information, highlights the problematic areas and helps you figure out the best road forward.

Have a spectacular journey!

The challenge with complex processes

When the operation of your organisation is clouded by vast amounts of raw data, analysing and understanding your underlying processes can be challenging. Typically, your organization

  • has stored a massive amount of information, but does not have the tools to analyse the processes
  • finds it hard to define how effective your current processes are or to pinpoint the core issues in the prcesesses
  • makes about 80% of the key process development decisions based on common beliefs, not actual facts.

[icon name=”arrow-right”] Your development and improvement programs do not improve your effectiveness and efficiency in the way you expect them to

[icon name=”arrow-right”] Overall performance decreses (for example, the healthcare costs in Finland are projected to increase by a factor of three in the next 25 years)

eDromos makes knowledge-based improvement possible

  • With Synesa eDromos, your data transforms into comprehensive processes and statistics in a few clicks
  • Event-based simulation is an indispensable tool when planning your development programs
  • The solution is easy and fast to put to use and is applicable to any business sector


eDromos bases itself on real-time data gathered from multiple sources. Based on the analysis, the simulations created enable continuous improvement. The product is compatible with all leading healthcare- and simulation platforms.

With eDromos, it is easy to understand which processes match your models, what factors have a negative impact on them and what to improve.


Understanding the big picture makes it easy to solve the fundamental challenge: how should we improve the way we do things?

Effective improvements are based on facts. eDromos enables you to do this both in one-time and continuous projects. With the help of simulation, you can experiment with changes or create a completely new way of working.


Our services improve your efficiency, quality and effectiveness. The end result is not just increased efficiency through reduced costs, but also increased customer satisfaction, more efficient processes and in healthcare, better quality of care.

How does it work then?


Select the relevant data from multiple sources and import it into eDromos


Plan the processes you want to track (i.e. customer paths, service usage, care paths) and select the key factors (customer segments, service categories etc.)


The defined processes are presented in a way to facilitate efficient analysis, with all the relevant information on display.


With just a few clicks, the process model is turned into a simulation. Make changes and run simulations until you find the optimal solution


Implement the best performing simulations. Monitor and track the new and improved models with eDromos.

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eDromos offers multiple benefits

eDromos makes knowledge based management, development and monitoring possible

  • Easily find the underlying causes to your problems
  • Test your improvements in a virtual environment
  • Track the actualised processes

Inspect your customer behavior, service usage and needs on multiple levels

  • Your whole service network
  • Single location or department
  • An isolated process or entity
  • A single client and their path

Encrypt sensitive data

Sensitive information (such as social security numbers) are mapped in a unified manner across files and projects. The encryption is one-way, ensuring that the information cannot be exploited by third parties

Clarity, speed and objectivity

eDromos creates a coherent visualisation of your processes in a time-based representation, making it easy to pinpoint and analyse the dependencies between different process stages. Information is imported directly, without the need to manually gather and combine the data. As a result, you work faster and with less mistakes.

Realized benefits from our healthcare customers

  1. Increased understanding of the current operating model
  2. Removal of overlapping stages in processes
  3. Fast and first-rate care of customers
  4. Better organization of care and improved resource allocation
  5. Improved well-being of employees
  6. Decreased operating costs

Customer needs are the foundation

The delivery of our service is based on the understanding of unique customer needs. We walk through the processes and problems together with the client in order to understand how eDromos can be used to improve the operations. The customers are able to enjoy immediate benefits to their organisation, even during the training and ramp-up.

Our customers can either get a limited licence, including specialist certification, for their internal use, or employ certified consultants from Synesa or our parter network.

Partnership program and certification

Our partnership programs for consulting agencies and development partners help facilitate the spread of wise and fact-based decisions.

The consulting partner program makes sure that our users have the ability of use eDromos to the best effect and keep track of improvements as both the solution and customer needs evolve. The user certification is done through training and client co-operation. Certified consultants enjoy regular updates to their training and skills.

The development partner program enables a collaborative business and product development model for Synesa and select partners.

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