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Press release: Synesa Solutions releases a unique solution for proactive management of business processes

Synesa Solutions Oy, a Finnish software company which has developed a comprehensive eDromos software solution to enable service and process wisdom across industries, is further extending its solutions and services with a SaaS-based prescription service model.

Synesa Solutions releases a unique solution for proactive management of business processes

At the beginning of 2020, Synesa Solutions completed a successful investment round for angel investors and expanded its ownership base with 15 new owners with comprehensive business experience of multiple industries. Synesa is a company that specializes in business process data mining, modelling and simulation as well the support of operations management with flexible dashboards.

Synesa Solutions’ leading edge software, eDromos, brings an unique competitive edge in multiple industries for analyzing and understanding daily operations, business processes and future scenario building. As a first vendor in the marketplace, eDromos allows the customers to combine data-driven business process modelling into predictive analytics and proactively manage their services and processes using simulation.

Synesa Solutions is now launching a flexible and scalable SaaS-based prescription model. The SaaS services are available for corporate customers and the public sector as well as for independent users working for example as consultants, researchers, or development specialists in bigger business units. The service can be tested via free trial period which can then be extended easily into a secure and customer-tailored prescription model. For independent users, the service can be used even on a weekly basis.

The Synesa Solutions SaaS-based prescription model allows users to start utilizing the cutting-edge proactive business process modelling and management, without initial investments and according to real business needs. The solution can be integrated into the customer’s data infrastructure and databases with modern tools and methods. In addition, the daily operations and process management can be supported with dashboards for providing the whole organisation with an up-to-date understanding of real performance development.

Read more about the solution here and order eDromos here.

Contact information:

Toni Ruohonen, CEO
+358 40 525 1044