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Process intelligence without guesswork

Our leading software documents, models, simulates and predicts business processes. Increase productivity, reduce costs, gain better visibility into inefficiencies, and enhance your organization’s ability to deliver customer excellence at scale.

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Towards proactive process management 

In various industries, the amount of business-related data and information to be processed has increased dramatically in recent years. Business models and electronic services have been introduced and reformed, and the disruptions related to these have also changed organizational structures. Traditional process thinking has been left in the background as changes have rolled forward. The snapshot of the situation within the organization has blurred and it is more and more difficult to outline the bigger picture.

Synesa eDromos® enables data based modeling, analysis, simulation, forecasting future development, and proactive process management of business processes. Our solution has been developed to serve medium sized and large companies and organizations in knowledge-intensive industries such as public sector, health care and social services, banking and financial sector, service sector, and industry. Our software is an excellent solution also for independent users such as consults, analysts, development experts, or researchers. 

With our solution, you can detect the factors contributing to profitability in your business or organization, development trends in the use of resources in different units, the balance between service level and resourcing as a basis for wise decisions, or dependencies related to the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and the changes in the operating model. Manage your operations based on facts and data – make wiser decisions.



Applications in different industries

eDromos® enables the creation and analysis of a data based process model through the mining of existing data, no matter the industry or process. It also enables the easy and quick transformation of the model into a simulation model as well as operative monitoring and management of desired services and processes using snapshot views of the current situation. The solution can be integrated into existing information resources to create process management overviews to be used by the whole organization.

Health care and social services
  • Modeling and development of treatment paths (Care Compliance) 
  • Resource management and design
  • Effectiveness evaluation and operational development
  • Supporting operative service and process management 
  • Strategic planning and forecasting   
Banking and finance sector
  • Analytics related to service process automation
  • Service level and resource management
  • Process variation management
  • Snapshot view supporting operative process management
Public sector
  • Modeling and development of service paths
  • Service level and resource management
  • Analytics related to service process automation
  • Supporting operative process management 
Manufacturing and service businesses
  • Order and supply chain management
  • Resource prediction and management
  • Modeling and development of service business processes
  • Supporting operative process management
  • Digital Twin models

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