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Synesa Solutions is a Finnish company founded in 2015, based on academic research work started in 2004 on the application of data and process analytics and simulation in the social and health services sector. Since 2018, Synesa has focused on software business and developed a flexible and scalable SaaS version of the eDromos® software, enabling software functionality to be provided as a service over the Internet. eDromos® is the only software product on the market for integrated service and process modeling, simulation, forecasting and operational management of processes. 🇫🇮

The name of our company comes from the ancient Greek word synesi, which means wise solutions and wisdom based on knowledge. Our goal is that our customers can truly understand, monitor, develop and manage their services and business processes to deliver verifiable benefits, in line with the principles of continuous improvement. Our solution is suitable for use in all knowledge-intensive industries.

Our vision is to be a pioneer in intelligently managed services and processes. This enables our customers to be able to proactively manage and develop their own services and processes. In the future, the eDromos® software offers completely new features for proactive management in ways enabled by predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This gives our customers an opportunity to optimize their operations based on the best future-oriented view and to find solutions to the challenges ahead in the wisest way possible.


Service and process wisdom enabler


A pioneer in intelligently controlled services and processes

Value proposition

Better functioning services and processes

Solid expertise from a multidisciplinary team 

Our team and partner network are multidisciplinary. Our experts are pioneers in the application of process mining and analysis, simulation, and optimal production models. Our team and advisors have solid expertise and experience in the international software, services and growth businesses. 

It is easy to do business with us and most importantly, you can trust our quality. Contact us via email: firstname.lastname@synesa.com.

  • Antti KalliokoskiCEO
  • Toni RuohonenToni RuohonenPh.D.
  • Pentti NakariPentti NakariData Science Specialist, Ph.D.
  • Markku PykäläinenAdvisor, Industry
  • Juha SoikkeliJuha SoikkeliPartner, M.Sc. (Econ.)
  • Katrina Harjuhahto-MadetojaKatrina Harjuhahto-MadetojaSenior Consultant, M.Sc. (Econ.)