Synesa eDromos®

Your path to wisdom

Knowledge-based management, development and monitoring for large enterprises.

With the massive amount of data your organization’s services, employees and clients create, it is incredibly challenging to analyse and understand the complex processes behind it all. Synesa eDromos combines data mining and process simulation to assist you, with efficiency you haven’t experienced before.

With just a few clicks, you get the relevant information from the key processes presented to you in an easy to understand and visual manner. eDromos can also transform the processes into simulation models, making it easy to test and validate ideas without risk before implementing them.


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Our clients

Synesa Solutions offers organisations, consulting agencies and ICT-providers both the expertise and tools to manage, develop and monitor their (and their clients’) operations based on knowledge.

While Synesa’s background is in the healthcare sector, our solutions apply extremely well to other sectors as well (such as banking, insurance, logistics and commerce).


Our mission is to help our clients improve their operations based on real-world information. Our in-house experts are pioneers in data mining, analysis and process simulation, and they know how to introduce and deploy the best implementation models. It’s not just our client organisations that get the benefit, but also their employees and clients.